Board Meeting Notes 2020-01-07

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start: 7


  • Board Members
    • Paul OCampo
    • Molly Adamski
    • Max Rashes
    • David Earle
  • Other Members
    • Andrew C
    • Aaron
    • Andrew M
    • Alex B


Minutes and Agenda Approval

  • Minutes approved 3:0:1
  • Consent Agenda - None

Committee Reports

Reports from Committees

  • General Ops
    • Did a Red Tickets Blitz
    • Starting to work on Catwalk
      • Earle - Its sagging - Ops team to Investigate
      • Brian’s dad found it
    • Budget is over, to discuss later
      • Andrew C - Lighting may be the thing to drop - General area only has consumables to reallocate it over to ops team
      • Andrew M - Started evaluating the lights, but came to do we want a 5 year savings or a quick fix.
      • Ops goal to cut a couple grand
  • MMT
    • Scholarships
    • Staffing Report
      • Andrew C interested in being a Team Lead
      • Two other applicants to the team in general
      • Vote to make Andrew C Team Lead - 4:0:0
  • DRC
    • Working on a few cases
    • Team to be the same break down of board members to not accurate
    • to wait till election to decide


  • We were approved for a loan

Financial Report

  • NO Treasurer, Max to get these values.
  • Chase Checking:
  • Chase Savings:
  • PEX:
  • PayPal:

Membership Report

  • Number of Members: 547
  • Quorum: 54

Review the PayPal and banking transactions

  • None

Member Leaving Reason Reports

  • Email should be sent to Members after they leave
  • Will receive feedback in the future
  • Go to president email


  • Shoutout to Carl and Jennie for Killing 100s of tickets!

Old Business

  • WA/Stripe Issue - Unresolved
    • Two month people didn’t get recurring payments
    • Molly made a way to track these issues
  • Technology Team Review - outline complete, need board approval and to prepare application form
    • Pushed to Next Meeting
  • New Small Metals area host needed
    • Alex asked for a list of duties from Aushra
    • Alex to post it on the google groups asking for applicants

New Business

  • STAX-1 sales tax exemption application status
    • Was applied for in 2017, we are not qualified for this
  • Tax status
    • In the mail from last year
    • Jennie and Carl have this years in progress
    • Accountant named Mike Riggs
  • Treasurer plans / QuickBooks status
  • Budget Review
    • David Earle to be the point person on the Budget
    • Action Items - per Slack and Email
    • Discrepancies
      • We projected fewer members which led to it looking lower
      • We also have more volunteers
      • Earle to look at it
    • Area Budgets Review
    • Fiscal Big Picture Review
  • Board communication and scheduling - decide what platform(s) we will use to discuss issues
    • Slack to be used as main source of communication
    • Molly to send out scheduling list for us to know when we are all free
  • Officers expectations
    • Some officers not interested in slack, we want to harden communication channels
    • to be discussed at another meeting
  • What do the cleaners do? - Earle
    • Andrew C, sweeping/toilets/tables. Board should meet with them
  • Volunteer appreciation party planning
    • Volunteers to go to Metropolis Brewing, late Jan-Early Feb. Broad all volunteers.
  • Michael Skilton - Consider making PRS a hosted area (see discussion tab on this wiki page)
    • Sponsored projects policy rather than moving to an area?
    • Andrew C - I have never seen a ticket for this
    • To have a discussion with all this - Max
  • Schedule budget overview meeting


  • Minutes approved 3:0:1
  • Vote to make Andrew C MMT Team Lead - 4:0:0
  • Approval of scholarship recipients - 4:0:0

Action Items

  • Earle
    • Owns Budget, to be in votable state by Next board meeting
  • Molly
    • Email out schedule
    • Sharing folder about the stripe discrepancies
  • Sky
    • Email setup for David
    • David to get on Freshdesk/Wild Apricot
  • Max
    • update treasury info in the minutes
    • Power racing series follow
  • Paul
    • Contact cleaning staff to decide what we want
    • Notify new Authorizers