Board Meeting Notes 2020-10-20

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Board Meeting Minutes
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In attendance:

  • David E
  • Ed B
  • Paul O
  • Rob G
  • Molly A
  • Andrew C
  • Andrew M
  • Sky N
  • Kevin H
  • Mike T
  • Carl K
  • Jennie P

Member Count & Financials

  • 454 members
  • Savings: $114,164.72
  • Checking: $19,477.97
  • PayPal: $8,895.95
  • PEX: $19,652.00


  • Hear from officers/team leads
  • Review action log
  • Last meeting minutes approved by majority vote of the board
  • No mail of note

Officer/Team Updates

Treasury (Carl and Jennie)

  • Would like to hire an accountant tricia recommended by mike riggs to setup a new quickbooks instance (migration), reconciliation, monthly cleanup, to get professional 3rd party monthly reports for budgets, monthly p&l, and end of year taxes.
  • 90$/hr ~1200$/yr
  • needs to assess current state of records up front $300-$500
  • Migration of quickbooks to a new instance so that we can save 500$/yr ($600 current yearly fee - $100 techsoup yearly fee)
  • Check that Tricia is ok with the new instance we are purchasing

CTO (Sky)

  • Cameras to be added in locations to better cover space
  • Additional cameras map to be added to the
  • To be decided by board vote
  • Vote to purchase 4 cameras up to $400: passed 1 abstain, 0 no, 5 yes
  • Website maintenance by dreamhost possible around ps1 election time - sky asked to reschedule maintenance with provider
  • Lock screen instruction will be added to all computers to help with logins

MMT (Kevin H)

  • Rebuilt website - looks great!
  • Feedback from the board due on October 26th
  • Website to go live on Nov 2nd

Mike Thompson (Industrial CNC)

  • Fusion 360 is being phased out/no longer directly supported
  • Shopbot lives, still waiting for Solidworks post processor
  • Got a bunch of seats of 3dexperience platform and hundreds of hours of free training (see google groups for more info)
  • Testing a shapeoko 2d class - going well
  • Trying to find Solidworks post processors for everything
  • Canvas courses are moving slowly but progressing
  • Allow paid parts for Form 3 to help people get started without investing in resin/tray - some resin is currently available for use

Andrew Morris (Genops)

  • Filters are on their way
  • Kitchen sink got unclogged - could straighten drain lines for another day
  • Job box for gen ops storage and ladder to access roof are on their way
  • (hot water loop) Pump maintenance on schedule for next week

Action Log Items

  • Small Metals - Request for new volunteer - waiting on response from Ella
  • Bylaws update - Molly took over finishing up changes from Aushra, folding in officer restructuring
  • RFID lockouts - David E to schedule meeting with a core team to build system and set a timeline
  • Annual Meeting - Due to the annual meeting falling on the same day as the national election, an alternate date is being considered.