Board Meeting Notes 2021-04-06

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Board Members

David Earl
Nathan Upchurch
Kevin Huemann
James Lamken
Joe Mertz

Other Members

Sky Nova
Andrew Morris


1. Discuss & Approve previous board meeting minutes

No objections to last weeks meeting minutes.

2. Member Count & Financials

- 434 members

- Checking: $17,941.58

- Savings: $94,175.91

- Paypal: $5,161.18

- PEX: $15,586.00

3. Mail Check

No important mail to note

4. Votes

Membership Votes

No membership votes

Board Votes

No board votes

5. Officer & Team Lead Updates


Andrew Morris has finalized his estimate and design for a fire alarm system at PS1. The total cost would be $6,600 with a 10% contingency included. If we want monitoring it would be $50/month. He mentioned that there could be a discount with our insurance company.

General Operations also installed the switch for the lasers. The storage closet project is underway. The woodshop air conditioner is inoperable. David Earl talked to the landlord and put us in touch with an air condition professional. Willing to work with us. Estimated cost is $10 grand.


SSO is underway. Approximately four members were having some synchronizing issues with some members accounts for active directory. Sky said she would look into it. Sky also mentioned looking into the new member management software that Alex mentioned.


Daniel left for Mexico. Will not be on the MMT movingn forward. Louis Steihm or Matthew Dinning may be potential applicants.


Aushra stated she will get the board and treasury team access to the mint dashboard.


Mark Creasy had his marketing video go viral and a company in Colorad issued PS1 a Cease-and desist letter. After discussion with the board, the post was pulled. The board plans on bringing this up with the attorney.

Chicago Maker Fest will be held virtually on May 8th.

Mark recorded Donzell on the lathe for the "What PS1 Means To Me" promotional video series he has been working on.


No updates at this time.

6. Updates from outside board meetings

No updates at this time.

7. Discussion Topics (new & existing)

  1. The board will be performing Area Host reviews soon. The board wants to know area host's "Strategic Direction" for their area. The board will be creating a questionnaire for hosts to fill out prior to meeting with the board.
  2. Joe has created a draft membership survey. The board will provide feedback on slack.