Board Meeting Notes 2021-07-06

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Board Members

David Earl
James Lamken
Kevin Huemann (remotely)
Dave Solomon
Jennie Plasterer
Nathan Upchurch
Chris Iacullo
Joe Mertz

Other Members

Andrew Morris
Karl Schmidbauer
Jim Brink


1. Discuss & Approve previous board meeting minutes

No objections noted.

2. Member Count & Financials

- Checking: $22,422.32

- Savings: $74,180.54

- Paypal: $13,790.02 USD

- PEX: $14,730.61

3. Mail Check

- We have been receiving mail addressed to Bao Nguyen from the Chicago Police Department. They have been returned-to-sender by James.

- Paid bill received for the hydraulic lift in the dock.

4. Votes

Membership Votes

- Jim Brink withdrew his vote to purchase a film drum scanner upon being informed that the budget as passed did not include dollars for member discretionary spending.

Board Votes

- Board voted to increase the dues base rate to $50 from $40 effective September 1, 2021.

In favor: 8
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

- Board voted to approve Walter Fugiel as a cold metals area host at request of Jim Brink.

In favor: 8
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

5. Officer & Team Lead Updates


- Gen Ops:

Will redo drains from the A/C units to handle flooding issues.
Will recycle replaced fluorescent tubes from the CNC area that were recently replaced by Larry Malato with LED bulbs.
Electronics and light at top of stairs is next on the list for replacement bulbs.

- Jim, Cold Metals

Endorsing Wally Fugiel for cold metals authoirzer


- Documentation of existing systems and procedures, such as WA2AD, C2AD etc. - is ongoing.

- Brian D. is waiting on SSO implementation with Canvas for updates from Sky on her work schedule.

- Call for volunteers was sent out asking for developers on the Tech team. We received 4 replies, with one enthusiastic reply from Dan Sharp. He is currently out of town, but will be in touch upon his return.


- No updates. Still looking for a team lead.


- 1st quarter 2021 is reconciled. This means the numbers in Quick Books agree with the bank statements.

- P&L report coming soon, and also an Area Host budget progress report once we figure out how to make it readable.


- Onboarded a new member, Kevin Viol, to the communications team. Kevin has a background in broadcast quality video production for numerous private clients, and will assisting with video marketing efforts at PS1.


No updates at this time.

6. Updates from outside board meetings

No updates at this time.

7. Discussion Topics (new & existing)

-->   Sent an email 6/23 re Please consider Wally Fugiel as an authorizer in the Cold Metals area. He would serve as an authorizer for Tier 1, the Bridgeport and the surface grinder. - Jim Brink
-->   Submitted a vote for Drum Scanner, can we talk?  -Jim Brink 
-->   Erik Wessing, David Ditzler, and Anna Yu declined to renew their area host positions. Board will discuss area hosts in 30 minute closed session meeting at next Board meeting.