Board Meeting Notes 2022-06-21

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Present: Paul Ocampo Fidel Galano Donzel Jesse Seay Andrew Morris Sam Abrahamson Yev Maister

Discussed SawStop Electrical Outlet no longer an issue Currently chasing a variety of issues, including a start relay overload No for sure solution Exploring purchasing a new table saw, even if it means having two saws ultimately

Fresh Desk No notable issues

3D Printing Form3 Would like to move the Form3 to 3d printing area ownership Need to approve an authorizer Books is set up for it, we just need a vote

Gen Ops Looking for volunteers Application is ready to go out

Woodshop team Looking for volunteers Application not ready yet

Communications Team Need to fill two positions

Treasury Looking to add another person to the Treasury team Still looking for a treasury report

Waivers Some people do not have electronically signed waivers Gary is working on it

Lasers The Boss laser is down, currently working on a fix

English Wheel Sam has offered to just buy and manage the delivery of the wheel, but will be reimbursed the money later. Going to have treasury look into the feasibility of that solution

Board Review Paul Working on sawstop and other votes New cleaning day Documentation updates Donzell No Updates Jesse Auto Knitting Machine Class on guitar pedals Circuit boards ordered Fidel Member Meetings Wiki Updates Email Scraper

Looking into the window AC in the lounge