Boiler Room Inventory

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A list of potentially useful items that are located in the boiler room.

FUSES - all tested good as of 03/19 - these used to be stored on top of the main circuit breakers near the back door to cold metals

  • 3x 100A 250V Class RK5
  • 70A 250V unclassified fuse
  • 3x 600A 250V Class RK5
  • 1x 400A 250V Class RK5
  • 4x 15A time-delay safety plug fuse
  • 4x 20A time-delay safety plug fuse
  • 1x 20A time-delay Edison base fuse
  • 2x 3A 250V Class K5 fuse
  • 2x 20A 250V Class RK5
  • 1x 30A 250V Class RK5
  • 2x 15A 250V Class RK5