CNC 4th Axis Vote

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  • Andrew Camardella



A 4th axis is a rotational axis that can be added to a 3 axis machine to rotate a part. This can be used to cut cylindrical objects or turn over a part for precise placement for multi side cutting. This 4th axis will be able to be used on the Shopbot for milling operations and the CNC plasma cutter to rotate tubes for cutting notches and shaped holes.

Currently an indexer on ebay costs about $300.

A motor controller will also need to be purchased. A motor controller from Shopbot compatible with their machine costs $250.

Additional funds will be used for purchasing aluminim extrusion to adapt the indexer to the shopbot, and replace the wasteboard with a removable surface, to maximize the Shopbot's cutting capacity.


Authorize the board to spend $750 on the purchase of a CNC 4th axis, motor controller, and materials to adapt the axis to the CNC machines.