CNC Plasma Cutter maintenance

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The cnc plasma cutter has fairly straightforward maintenance requirements. It should periodically be cleaned of grit so that ht ecarriage travel is smooth and the bearings are free of contaminates. The torch head should also be inspected and the consumibles replaced if necessary. While users should perform basic cleanup and inspection, PS1 should perform these operations at least monthly:

Jan 20-Feb 8 2018, took cutter out of service to repair leaks in tray. Cleaned tray with vacuums, degreaser, and POR15 surface prep. Applied 2 coats of POR15 via spray gun. Applied 1 coat of POR15 2k urethane topcoat via paint roller.

Example maintenance log table

clean inspect/replace consumables date completed person completing
monthly monthly
x Feb 8 2018 Tucker Tomlinson