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This page serves as part of a record of official votes by the members of Pumping Station: One.

Proposed Votes

Link Date Proposed Date of Notice to Members Date of Vote Description Sponsor

Votes Being Drafted

Past Votes

Description Sponsor
Safety and Protective Equipment Policy Vote Tom Judge & Andrew Camardella
High Resolution 3D Printer Vote Andrew Camardella
Large Laser Cutter Vote Andrew Camardella
Vote to Allow Area Hosts to Check IDs Ray Doeksen
Reference Vote Date Description Sponsor Yea Nay Members Present Quorum Needed Passed
2016 Short Term Area Budgets Vote 2016-01-05 Funding areas until 2016 budget vote Michael Skilton 40 0 40 37 Passed
2016 Budget Vote 2016-01-26 2016 Budget Justin Conroy 34 3 38 38 Passed
Jewelry Tools Vote 2016-01-26 Buying tools for jewelry sub-area in cold metals Jennie P, Aushra Abouzeid, Dean Anderson 36 1 38 38 Passed
Vote to Donate SEM 2016-03-15 Vote to Donate SEM Ryan Pierce 44 0 46 38 Passed
Vote to Sponsor Ally Skills Workshop Attendees 2016-05-17 Sponsoring Ally Skills Workshop For Members Justin Conroy, Lyn Cole, Michael Skilton 37 1 45 39 Passed
Vote to Upgrade 3515 Lighting 2016-06-21 Vote to upgrade lighting in 3515 Elston Michael Skilton 38 0 38 38 Passed
CNC Plasma Cutter Vote 2016-07-12 Vote to buy a CNC Plasma Cutter Tom Judge & Andrew Camardella & Ray Doekson 45 1 48 39 Passed
Vote to Fund Space Expansion Buildout 2016-07-19 Vote to Fund Space Expansion Buildout Dean Anderson, Everett Wilson 56 0 58 41 Passed
Vote_to_Upgrade_Cleaning_Service 2016-07-19 Expanding cleaning service to new space and frequency to weekly Brian Chojnowski 48 3 58 41 Passed
Vote_to_Renovate the Kitchen 2016-10-18 Vote to Renovate the Kitchen Gerald Gayares & Adriana Garcia 46 1 51 43 Passed