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Member Projects

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Members: feel free to list your projects here, and link to the wikipage(s) you're using for your notes, info sharing, etc.

Active Projects

  • Nametags: Laser cut nametags for members. Make one for yourself or someone else, or both!
  • Theremin: It's an electronics project that makes music...or a music project that involves electronics.
  • boogiepants: Boogiepants do not dance to music, music dances to boogiepants! A new technology to translate a dancer's movements into music, or media control in general. Involves Java, the Java 3D API, 3D modeling, and OSC interfacing with arbitrary media control software (Pure Data, Max/MSP...)
  • P5 Glove: i scored an old (yet still functional) P5 glove from the junk box at NYCResistor a few months ago, and i'm trying to get it to interface with my computer so i can do cool (more-than-likely musical) things with it.
  • Olpc Keyboard Replacement: like the instructable
  • Software Defined Radio: a universal radio device that can receive any signal at any frequency
  • Bio-Feedback Strap A strap worn around the chest providing different vibration feedback depending on the sensor used. The current version feeds back balance detected with gyroscopes.
  • Foundry: Building an aluminum melting furnace and developing tools and techniques to cast useful pieces.
  • UCoin: a currency system/credit commons support built as a cryptocurrency.
  • Emergence : The idea is to build a dozen robots with basic communication abilities that can adapt to their environment. The goal of this project is to see if complex social behavior can be coaxed out of a group of relatively simple machines, and hopefully to be surprised by things they were not programmed to do. A 2014 Hackaday Prize submission.
  • Machining Projects Apprentice machining projects and resources to learn from.

Planned Projects

  • Repowulf cluster: Componentizing the RepRap software, to allow multiple RepRaps to create parts at the same time for the same object (or RepRap).
  • Busy Friend: entertainment for busy people. What if your TV/RSS reader/whatever distraction was like a busy friend: someone who you couldn't just drop in on. They enjoy your company, but you don't waste their time. You don't get offended when they check their watch. They're busy, and you respect that. see Rethinking my TV from John Stoner's blog.
  • Open Fair Credit Standard: A hardware/software project attempting to create a secure platform for globalized, alternative economic systems that can be customized with different rulesets.
  • Non-linear video editing: What's this all about? Sounds exciting.
    • NLE is what videographers use these days to compose multiple clips of footage. Where before you had to literally cut film pieces and tape them together, now you can use Premiere, Final Cut, Vegas, etc. and work in whatever order you want --Nathan
  • 3D projection: Use polarizing film with projectors & glasses to view video in 3D, a la the recently released Coraline

Past Projects


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