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Tool Cage
Hosted Since: March, 2015
Location: Removed
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For our shop tools, supplies, et cetera.

Update 2017

Tool Cage is no longer a Hosted Area. Each Hosted Area will maintain its own tools.

Update 09/01/2015

I will be overhauling this page as I make time so bear with me. Over the next several weeks the tool cage is going to change rapidly and visibly. I am looking to make things easy to find and highly accesible. Less tripping over each other and suqinting to find what your needing means more time actually making your ideas realized. I will need your help. I have a plan for making the space itself organized, however I need to help keep it that way. If you take a tool to use put it back where you tool it from. Simple, easy, efficient.

I'll be perusing the wishlist to see what folks would like to see added to the inventory. As well as thoughts on what makes for the best tool cage...enclosure...den of useful things ever. Please add your thoughts there or reach out to me direct at my email above.

Tool Crib Wishlist

Happy Hacking Folks

Update 09/04/2015

I was in and working on the tool cage last night. You will probably notice some cosmetic changes to the layout in the form of a verticle cabinet organizing all of our "cased" tools. Those case tools need to be re-inventoried (space or member owned) and labeled with what is in them. I will get to this eventually but if someone else who already knows how to use our label machine wants to tackle that I would much appreciate.

Side note: Next Tues or Thurs...would someone show me how the label printing machine works please oh please?

In addition to the cabinet I shifted about the other cabinets/drawers in the cage. These are not in their final homes yet (the glue/paint cabinet for instance will not be living outside the cage), but are placed to allow flow and access to the tools in the interim that this Chrysalis continues.

Phase two:

I will be taking a full stock of our miscellaneous hand tools and trying to identify gaps (example we have 1/2" sockets... I have yet to find a 1/2" wrench or even adapter) in our collection. Along with the inventory I will be laying things out with and eye to be able to both grab a single tool or a full set to take to a work bench as needed. This will be a bit chaotic till I finish restructuring and have things nicely labeled. That said once I have gotten to look at the tools I will pretty much know where they are at. So if you are looking to finding something and it isn't immediately obvious reach out to me i'll try to point you in the right direction.

I will be leaving a clip board by the cage for tool / supply requests. Let me know what your finding a need for and I will see about getting that fixed (hopefully within a week). If it is something that there is dire need for project wise email me directly and I will try to arrange to get the "it" to the shop sooner.

Also once I have the tool inventory flushed out I want to get the Wiki updated so more accurately reflect what we have. When I hit that wall I will need help with those that are more wikified than me yet in getting the raw data up and viewable.

Phase 3....

I'll have figured out by the time I get through Phase 2. ~grins~

Happy Hacking Folks


Please put equipment back where it came from.

Please suggest any new needed tools. Tool Crib Wishlist

If a tool is worn out or broken, please let the Area Host know as soon as possible, and put the broken tool into the "Broken Tool Bucket"


Please use tools appropriately. We have hammers for hammering!

Safety equipment such as goggles and hearing protection are available and highly recommended.

Tools Available

I am currently working on coming up with an updated list of what tools we have, and what we need to get to order to fill out our basic tools.

I have created a set of Categories below that I will be using to group things together. That will define our current tool "footprint" and more detailed inventory will show how complete we are.

If there is something missing, please let me know!

Categories of tools:


  • Sandpaper
  • Nuts, bolts and washers
  • Screws and fasteners
  • Tape
  • Glue


  • Safety Equipment
  • Plumbing Tools
  • Electrical Tools
  • Painting
  • Workbench & Saw Horses
  • Lighting

Next Steps for the Tool Crib

  • Organize what we have
    • Consolidation of Screws, Nuts, Bolts, etc.
    • Create a Map of what is where and publish
  • Finish initial inventory
  • Update storage cabinets and shelving
  • Begin purchasing of needed tools and supplies


None at this time.

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