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A lot of our tools are complex, expensive or dangerous. Many of those same tools have very informal certification requirements. I'm interested in creating, at the least, 'certification checklists' which can be used by certifiers and certifiees alike, regardless of whether we implement stricter certification requirements or not.

Every instance of "certification" should be updated to read "authorization."

Authorization should cover how to operate the tool or equipment safely, without unacceptable risks to the user, bystanders, the space, or the tool or equipment itself. All else is commentary.

3d Printers

A checklist for a 3d printer should cover the basics of FDM printing, the software toolchain, basic setup and maintenance of the machine.


  • FDM printing in general
    • How it works
    • What's possible?
  • Prontrface
    • Manual control of machine.
    • Heat
      • Nozzle temps:
        • ABS - ~230C
        • PLA
      • Bed Temps:
        • ABS - ~85C
        • PLA -
  • Slic3r
    • Default configuration files and important slicing settings
    • Overview of layers, perimeters
    • Speeds
    • Run through each tab and give a brief description
  • How can 3D prints fail, and what should you do when they do?

Table Saw

Bridgeport Mill


Clausing Lathe

Anna Yu is the only authorizer and the owner, so her authorization process does not need to be documented unless it is something she wants to share.


There are different processes for becoming authorized on each of PS1's laser, authorizations are all conducted by members that are specifically authorized to perform authorizations.