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Chatmon is an IRC bot that watches the IRC channel; it's an instance of chatlight. It's a wooden box sitting on top of the lockers between the mizzen mast and the main mast with a frosted panel on the front. The number of red lights along the top indicates the number of chatters on the IRC channel; it tops out at 6. The color of the main light below and how fast it blinks is an indicator of the subject of conversation and how fast discussion is taking place.

Color Key

  • Green: outdoors
  • Yellow: religion, art, Internet culture
  • Blue: electronics, computers
  • Red: sexual, nightlife

If the red lights at the top are "scanning", then there's a problem and the chat light isn't getting data from the server rack.


 <+Toba> !subject
 <+chatmon> 5 chatters talking at 0.053 lines per second, dominating subject is None

This will correspond to how may people are currently talking, and what they are talking about, based on the list above

 <+Toba> !page
 <+chatmon> Hailing the station.  There are no guarantees.

This flashes a strobe light! If you see the strobe light flashing, then you should hop on IRC (or use the public IRC station by the main mast) to talk to whoever is paging us!

Soon: confirmation that the light has been lit (more guarantees). Also soon: integrate with Spacemon such that the user can be informed that they're clearly talking to an empty room when the main space camera shows 0%.