Clausing Lathe maintenance

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The Clausing Lathe, has a very involved maintenance schedule. The lathe should be lubricated daily, or at least as often as it is used. Please refer to the File:Clausing10inLathe4900SeriesOperatingInstructions.pdf for the correct lubrication instructions. While users are expected to perform basic cleanup and lubrication on a per-use basis, PS1 should, on a monthly basis perform the following maintenance operations:

  • clean
  • oil ways
  • oil internal mechanism according to manual's lubrication instructions
  • adjust gibs

Clausing Lathe maintenance log table

Lubricate lathe per user manual clean/oil ways adjust gibs date completed person completing
monthly monthly monthly
x x Aug3 2017 Tucker/Miriam
x x sept 7 2017 Tucker/Miriam
x x x Oct 5 2017 Tucker
x x Nov 9 2017 Tucker
x x Jan 11, 2018 Tucker/Zlatan
x x Apr 5, 2018 Tucker/Daniel