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Ed Bennett


2014-06-17 - Vote passed.


To purchase a vertical bandsaw appropriate for cutting metal plate down to sizes that can be easily manipulated in the other cold metal machines (i.e. Bridgeport mill, drill press, etc.). The purchased vertical bandsaw should be capable of cutting down metals at least 3 inches thick and at least 24 inches long. The saw should have the ability to vary the blade speed and be able to cut both steel (slow) and aluminum (faster).


The metal cutting bandsaws currently in the shop (Johnson and Harbor Freight) are horizontal bandsaws, which are designed for cutting long stock into smaller pieces. For cutting metal plate into smaller pieces and for cutting curves, we need a vertical bandsaw. The Delta 14" vertical bandsaw in the wood shop is not suitable for cutting many types of metal because the blade speed is much too fast. Some members have attempted to use the Harbor Freight horizontal saw in the vertical position. This is a frustrating and potentially dangerous activity because the table is very small, the saw doesn't lock when vertical, and the table too low and in an awkward position.

The cold metals area at PS1 is currently well stocked to work with materials that are already cut down to small sizes (sizes less than about 6"x6"). However, most bought materials do not come in sizes this small. The natural solution to this problem is for PS1 to invest in a vertical bandsaw.


The certification of the proposed vertical bandsaw will fall under the 'tier 1' certification process as it is a non-precision tool.


Ideally the proposed vertical bandsaw would be located in the cold metals area, if there is not space available directly in the cold metals area the vertical bandsaw would be located as close to the cold metals area as space allows.

Ongoing expenses

This proposal is only for a one time payment for the purchase of a vertical bandsaw. However, like any other tool in the cold metal area, any vertical bandsaw purchased will require periodic work and care. An obvious extended cost for a vertical bandsaw would be sharpening and replacement of the blade. The upkeep and blade care of the vertical bandsaw would fall under the purview of cold metals area host and their operating budget.


The voting membership hereby authorizes Dean Anderson to buy a metal cutting bandsaw at auction, from a dealer or a private party and arrange for delivery of same to PS1. Price including delivery and repairs shall be not more than $2,000. The Board of Directors shall make financial arrangements with Dean to execute payment in a manner acceptable to the seller and PS1. The authorization expires 90 days from the date of its passing.


Candidate Model Examples:

Powermatic 143 - A 14" combination wood/metal saw with 2 speed gearbox and 4 speed belt drive. Compact and very strong for a 14" saw.

DoAll - A shop classic. They almost always have built-in blade welders, which we could use for all the bandsaws in the shop. Often 3000 pounds plus (too big), but smaller saws are available.

Grob NS-18 1000 pounds, 18", 5 or 10 speed, depending on vintage.

Roll-In - Gravity fed sliding table. These can used as profiling or cutoff saws. Current (new) models:


Announced 10-10-14 Scheduled 10-17-14


File:Vertical Bandsaw Vote Pumping Station Invoice.pdf