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The air system at the new shop has been.. for the most part, inherited. What we got was nice, which was a full shop air system using metal pipes. Sadly, we don't know much about it's history. All of the quick-disconnect fittings are of indeterminate age, and since we came from a space without shop air, we're at a shortage of tools to use the compressed air.

We need some hoses, some fresh QD fittings, and a small pile of adapters, and minor accessories to make the shop air a daily use thing, instead of a "well it means the laser cutter doesn't need a little compressor" thing.

2014-06-03 - Proposed

2014-06-10 - To be voted on

2014-06-10 - Failed to meet quorum. Editing and re-proposing.

2014-06-17 - Proposal

2014-06-24 - Vote passes


The desire is to provide suitable air to air tools and air driven devices around the space. We'd like to:

  • Add "T" fittings and ball valves to each drop - This will provide a small water trap at each air line location.
  • Purchase two desiccant air dryers. One to be kept in hot metals, the other to be portable, for paint, and more sensitive air source usage.
  • Purchase inline oiler, so air tools will have a longer life.
  • Purchase a small compliment of tools for use by the membership
    • Paint guns (General purpose and HVLP)
    • Blow guns
    • Tire Inflator
    • Die Grinder
    • Cut off wheel
    • Nailer/Stapler
  • Purchase real hoses to some drops to make cleanup/usage easier
  • Purchase some general use hoses for around the space.

Note that the links in the above sheet are intended to provide price reference, and are not intended to indicate a purchase location.


The purpose of this vote is to provide funds to a trusted Representative of PS:1 to go and purchase air system related items including some basic tools so that the system can get more use by the membership. $915 is the proposed amount, to cover the items in the above list, or their equivalents, and their shipping costs. Installation will be handled by the members of PS:1. Any remaining funds will be returned to PS:1.


Authorize the board to spend $1000 on compressed air equipment and directly related costs. All receipts are to be attached below. Authorization expires 90 days after vote.


Running total: $968.38