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2017-07-05 - proposed


  • The compressed air system at PS1 is in need of some love. Several members took on building out the system after we expanded to the east half of the building, with some good progress but that expansion is incomplete. Of particular concern is the amount of water collecting in our compressed air system. When we performed maintenance on the quincy, 6 Gallons of water had collected in the tank. This moisture has adverse effects on the downstream tools. We can address this moisture with a combination of better extraction at the compressor, and powered chiller/driers(already owned by PS1) near sensitive equipment.
  • We have also noted that the pressure we are running our system at right now is inadequate to serve the plasma-cutter due to drops in pressure across the long piping run. Further some of the existing systems that we inherited are lacking, and our existing hoses are of low quality and disintegrating. We should replace our damaged hoses, and install drops in more functional locations
  • A separate issue from the air system, but one that can be addressed at the same time is that of providing extension cords for hand tools. It is common to have to search for extension cords and find them tangled around the site of their last use. This should be solveable by adding reel-style extension cords that are permanently mounted in common use locations, reducing reliance on loose extension cords.


  • Add primary water separator/filter to Quincy tank output
  • add automated tank drain to Quincy compressor
  • Finish running the new 1" pipe lines to the new shop. This includes connecting the shop-bot to the new system
    • cap open end @ north end of east shop.
    • connect shopbot to new run
    • add drop @ the panel saw
    • disconnect old air system going through wall above deckel.
  • Upgrade the system to handle 175PSI air in a manner that is safe for tools
    • 200PSI regulators in rafters @ every drop to step down pressure to 120PSI
  • Powered chiller/air dryer installed at the plasma cutter
    • repurpose the Campbell Hausfeld compressor as a storage tank for dried air at the plasma cutter
  • Powered chiller/air dryer installed in CNC for lasers
    • Craftsman portable compressor repurposed as storage tank for dried air at the lasers
  • Re-configure drops in old shop
    • Add drops in the dock by re-routing line to rear door through wall and into dock
    • Re-hose existing reels with rubber hose
  • Move drop from small metals to ceiling above general shop area
  • add electric reels
    • at general work table drops
    • at new loading dock drop
    • at new drop by the panel saw in the wood shop

A sheet with options for the bulk of the requisite items: The items linked on that sheet are intended to be indicators of the kind of equipment and general cost, not exact indicators of the specific items or prices involved. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, and additional fittings, teflon tape etc. WILL need to be purchased.


Authorize the board of directors to spend up to $2500 on equipment related to buildout of the compressed air system and electrical drops. The board may, at its discretion, empower a member to make purchases on PS1's behalf, or, request the general area host to make the purchases from the allocated funds.