Contractual Expedience Amendment

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Submitted for Vote 3 August, 2010


This motion is intended to expedite the process of doing business with outside entities by empowering the President and Board to decide the viability of various fundraising opportunities. While not explicitly limited to fundraising, any contract that doesn't place any risk on Pumping Station: One is eligible under this amendment.


The President, acting in the best interest of Pumping Station: One, is hereby authorized at the discretion of the board to enter in contractual agreements on behalf of Pumping Station: One where no liability or financial commitment is assumed by the organization. Agreements which include a clause placing risk on the organization such as fines for breach of contract or claims to property as recourse, for example, are not eligible to be approved by the board. Upon entering in a contract on behalf of Pumping Station: One, the President is required to immediately notify the membership and make a signed copy available for review.

The President is strongly encouraged to continue consulting with the membership on such issues, but will not require full member approval. This motion is intended to expedite business operations where no risk is assumed.

This motion, upon approval will amend the bylaws by classifying the above as a vote assigned to the Board of Directors and empower the office of the President accordingly.