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Authoriative DNS

  • All DNS for *.pumpingstationone.org is configured through the dns account on dyndns.org.
  • There is 1 A record for space.pumpingstationone.org
  • All space hosted services have CNAME records to space.pumpingstationone.org
  • There is an NS record for ad.pumpingstationone.org to bob.ad.pumpingstationone.org

Samba4 AD DNS

ad.pumpingstationone.org has an ns record in dyndns to space.ad.pumpingstationone.org. The spaces router has forwarding to and from bob to port 53. DNS is the only service, so far, that has required forwarding rules from, as DNS responses must come from port 53, and not a different port.

bob is part of the AD domain, and sub domains are partially auto configured by windows, partially configured manually with samba-tool dns

The Windows DNS frontend in RSAT is more complete, and works with samba's dns service, but both interfaces are unpleasent to use.

DNS cacheing/forwarding

The spaces dhcp configred dns server is running on the router on Special configuration is not used, and there is no truly internal dns, as using external dns providers, such as is common practice, and can not be relied on for member machines. Instead internal addressess are publish to external, real world, dns servers.