Delta Mortising Machine

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Delta Mortising Machine
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model 14-650
Usability yes
Contact Eric Beauchamp
Where Wood Shop power tools bench
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $500
Host Area Wood Shop

Delta Mortising Machine Area: Wood Shop

List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Eric Beauchamp Danger committee
Ralph Brendler Danger committee
Jacob Snyder Ralph Brendler 9/17/17
Kari Danek Ralph Bredler
Jeremie Davis Ralph Brendler 1/27/18
Alex Tomala Ralph Brendler 1/27/18
Mike Jones Ralph Brendler 1/27/18
Fritz Sullivan Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Elizabeth Reuter Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Sam Paris Ralph Brendler 6/2/19
Bogdan Bistriceanu Ralph Brendler 6/2/19


nov 1 2018 replaced table level adjustment handle with 6mm hex bolt. (shattered for months now. could not find replacement)


user manual: File:Delta 14-650.pdf