Dust Collector G0638

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Dust Collector G0638
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number ?
Make/Model Grizzly G0638 3 phase 10hp
Arrival Date 2019
Usability yes
Contact Zack Sasnow
Where wood Shop
Authorization Needed no
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $4700
Host Area Wood Shop

Dust Collector G0638 Area: Wood Shop https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Dust_Collector_G0638

More Information

Here are a few things that you need to know:

- The blast gates open and the vacuum starts automatically when the tool is turned on

- It takes 15-20 seconds to spin up to full speed (important for the miter saw/panel saw especially)

- It runs for several minutes after the latest tool is shut down

- It's LOUD. Hearing protection is recommended


- The floor sweeps trigger it automatically by turning the timers. The sweep will remain open for the period of time on the timer. You CANNOT turn the timers backwards or they’ll break.

- If for some reason you need to do any sort of service to the machine, the disconnect handle on the left side of the closet MUST BE pulled first to do so safely.

-Emptying the bins instructions can be found below.

- notify a member of the Woodshop Team if difficulty arises:

Eric Beauchamp, Ralph Brendler, Michelle DeLeon, Paul VanLake, Zack Sasnow, David Earl, Brian Desmond, Gary Newhouse


Bin bags are U-Line #s-3987 Filter tower bags are 36x36 8mil. Uline #s-11046

Emptying Drums And clearing filters

The dust collector has two drums for major sawdust and chips. a gentle brush system inside the long vertical filter canisters is for removing any built-up dust from the filter pleats. If you do need to change bags or otherwise do something with the Dust collector , you MUST TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS, in the order listed, to do so safely. The machine can/will hurt you if you are not careful. Safety measures: To avoid damage to your eyes and lungs, always wear safety glasses and a respirator when working with the dust collection bags.

  • 1. Move the rocker switch on the motor control box (white) to Off
  • 2. Pull the disconnect handle on the east wall (to your left)
  • 3. Unplug the green Ecogate panel from the 120V outlet below the disconnect

    Once you’re ready to place the system back online, perform these three steps in reverse.

    Emptying the drums:

    Empty the collection drums when they are three quarters full or less. If the drums become overfilled, the dust will be sucked into the intake barrel and passed through to the canister filters. How quickly the drum will fill up is based on the type of work being done at the time: We have seen them fill up as quickly as one day. • Fine dust from a sander or table saw will slowly fill the drums. • Curly shavings from a planer or jointer will quickly fill the drums.

  • 1. Release the three clamps at the top of the first drum
  • 2. Pull the friction fit 1 inch vacuum hose loose from the bottom of the drum
  • 3. Lift the top away from the drum and carefully so as to not disconnect the large hose and “Y” connector
  • 4. Pull the drum out and lift the dust bag out.
  • 5. Tie the bag off with tape or zip tie
  • 6. Place new bag in drum
  • 7. Be sure to replace the black rim gasket as found on the rim under the bag
  • 8. Roll drum back and reconnect the top and the hose at the bottom
  • 9. Repeat with second drum
  • 10. Place bags in dumpster


    Cleaning the filters

    To clean the filters, pull the red handles down all the way, then pull the black handles down and hook them in place. . Do Not force them. If difficult to pull, contact a Woodshop Team member

    Note: Always make sure to leave the red handles in the up position to ensure that the brushes return to their proper position and do not restrict the filter. Dcfilters.jpg


    manual is at [1]

    blast gates are controlled by an EcoGates Greenbox 12 system [2]