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What is it?

ELMER monthly is a forum to promote Ham Radio and encourage participants to get their licenses and become active. Office hours are open to all Hams (aka. Amateur Radio Ops), aspiring Hams or anyone at all interested. We want to support to those working on their Tech, General or Extra Class Amateur Radio licenses and, once licensed, help with the transition to becoming "radio active".

Ham Radio?

Real Wireless begins here! The Amateur Radio Service (aka Ham Radio) came into being in the earliest days of wireless, over 100 years ago. Hams develop skills to build and operate radio systems (analog and digital) that are capable of reaching around the world and, literally, to the moon and back! Hams enjoy operating privileges second only to the military; not even public safety agencies enjoy the capability and flexibility Hams do. These capabilities are why Ham Radio Ops are often the first to provide emergency communications in disaster areas. This is NOT your father's CB Radio.

When and where?

Come check out Ham Radio on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7PM in PS:One's electronics lab (minus Thanksgiving and Christmas).

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