Eclipse Scroll Saw

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Eclipse Scroll Saw
IMG 0745.JPG
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 180
Make/Model 2006
Arrival Date 2019
Usability yes
Contact Jim Brink
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value $999
Host Area Cold Metals

Eclipse Scroll Saw Area: Cold Metals


The Eclipse Scroll Saw frame utilizes a heavy-walled aluminum sand casting frame for its rigidity. The 1.5” blade stroke is great for intarsia. This longer stroke spreads the heat and wear over more of the blade making it last much longer and clears sawdust better. This saves you both time and money.Since it has a true vertical blade action (ideal for marquerty and intarsia) and a positive pull from the top to bring the blade to the top of the stroke. Blade breakage is all but eliminated thus you won’t mind using a tool for the lower blade clamp.

Safety Instructions: -Turn off,when not in use. -Remove clamp tool from lower blade clamp before operation -Stay alert. Always focus closely on what you are doing. Do not operate the saw when you are tired. - Keep guards in place. Make sure guards are in working order and in proper adjustment and alignment. -Use of a dust mask and safety glasses are recommended. Never reach under the table while the saw is running. - If an extension cord is used, be sure it is grounded and the wire gauge is correct for it’s length to handle 18 amps.


- [ facebook page ].

Please review the manual before using this machine.

Replacing the blade and adjusting the tension is a bit finicky and may be different from other scroll saws.  

- service manual.

- wiring schematic.

- parts list , short version.

- parts list.

- control board (KBWD-13) manual.