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PS:1's Eeyoo, or Electronics Office Hours, is an event for people to ask questions about their electronics projects, learn to light an LED, learn how to solder, troubleshoot their latest creation or anything else pertaining to electronics or embedded programming.

When and Where?

Next meeting is January 27th

We meet every other Monday, in opposition to PS:1's embedded systems interest group, NERP. We're listed on PS:1's calendar.

3519 N. Elston Chicago, IL 60618

Upstairs in the electronics lab.

What can I expect?

Probably some people working on projects. Soldering, programming of arduinos and whatever else. People talking about electronics theory and explaining concepts like Ohm's Law.


January 13th, 2014

  • Geiger counter repairs and testing
    • Battery woes
  • Building an open DMX controller
    • Implement DmxSimple on barebones ATMega328 board and wire up RS-485 transceiver
  • Measuring the timing on a decades-old camera shutter
    • Using an LED as a photodiode, a lamp and an oscilliscope
  • Reflow oven modifications
  • LC circuit theory