Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT

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Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Make/Model Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT
Arrival Date 2012
Usability no
Contact Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin
Where Welding Lab
Certification Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $1800

Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Everlast_PowerTIG_210_EXT


This is an entirely different welder from the MIG, Flux Core, and Stick machines. Just because you are certified on those, does not mean you are certified on this. PLEASE seek instruction before using this machine.

Status: Permanently Out For Repairs

It looks like we are not getting this tool back, at least not under terms we are satisfied with. An email from the manufacturer:

According to Ray, and our records, we've given you the information and the options on the unit already, and discussed it with Ray multiple times. He says his records indicate that he has returned your calls and answered your emails whenever you've called in or written an email.

Here is the matter as it stands now:

1) Warranty does not transfer to subsequent owners. It is to the original owner only.
2) The unit has been deemed non repairable as it sits now because the estimated cost to repair the unit outstrips the cost to replace the unit according to the price we've offered you previously. The unit has to be gutted and multiple boards and components replaced. We're not sure of the original cause of damage, but something obviously isn't right and 'simple' efforts to resolve the issue do not work, including replacing reprogrammed main control boards. To say the least it's a complex issue.
3) It seems we've already offered you a very good deal due to the situation, on a new unit at xxx.xx plus shipping. We're going on your statement that you are a non profit organization. That is a non profitable price for us I can assure you. We deal regularly with non profit companies. We are willing to work deals with these type organization, but we cannot offer "free" everything due to the high demand we have from organizations like yours. We do our best, and this is it. The unit is xxxx.xx regular price...plus shipping.

We can return your unit, if you'll arrange the shipping if this is not suitable solution for you. If you want to do something else with the unit, please let us know. We'll be glad to hold it for another 30 days. Keep in mind this unit is not under warranty at this point. More units will be in stock on Feb. 8 and available for purchase.

At this point, the ball is in your court. There is no need to further check on your unit or request status updates. The status of the unit is on hold until you decide what you wish to do. I am cc'ing this to all others concerned in this matter so we are all on the same page.

I hope this clears the matter up so that you can make a decision regarding the unit.

To sum up: We've offered a fair price to replace this unit. We've also offered to ship it back as is provided the fact you arrange shipping. The unit is not under warranty since you are not the original owner, and the cost of the repair will exceed the cost that we've offered you as a non profit organization.

Before you proceed with the purchase (if that is what you decide), please provide us with proof of your non profit status. You'd be surprised at the number of scammers we get daily asking for donations or greatly reduced pricing. It's just a matter of routine so we can keep up with things.

I look forward to your reply.


List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Dan Meyer Prairie State College: A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology 1993
Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin A-1 Welding, 3 years on the job
Rosanna Lloyd Dan Meyer
Colin Parsons Dan Meyer
Tucker Tomlinson Dan Meyer
Steve Finkelman Dan Meyer
Michael Skilton Steve Finkelman

Suggested Personal Equipment and Supplies

Item Description Supplier Cost
44 Tillman Kidskin TIG Gloves CyberWeld $16.50
19056 Nice affordable auto darkening helmet, Northern Industrial 3 13/16 x 1 3/4 in. Welding Helmet with variable shade #9-13 http://www.northerntool.com $64.99
KH585 Lincoln Electric Wooden Shoe Handle Carbon Steel Brush Home Depot $2.47
5367T9 Lightweight Cotton Welding Clothing Jacket, 30" Length McMaster $23.00
5340T61 Alternative to above jacket for cooler welding, Leather Cape Sleeves, 13" Length McMaster $46.51
5340T41 Goes with Cape Sleeves above, Cape-Sleeve Bib, 19" Length McMaster $13.81
5263T45 If you are going to be doing a ton of welding, Heavy Duty Leather Welding Clothing Chaps McMaster $42.56
N/A Tungsten Electrodes (Various Sizes) Airgas $10
N/A ER70S2 Filler Rod (Various Sized) Airgas $8
Various Argon (for aluminum)and Agrgon/CO2 blend (for steel) gasses, $170 for cylinder, $30-40 for gas Airgas Mid America $210