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"FreePBX is a web-based open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk, a voice over IP server."

What is Asterisk?

"Asterisk is like a box of Legos for people who want to create communications applications. It includes all the building blocks needed to create a PBX, an IVR system, a conference bridge and virtually any other communications app you can imagine."

It includes a WebRTC SIP client, allowing users to make an receive phone calls with a web browser.

How to Create an Account

Log in to the admin console at (at PS:1 or via Vpn)

Username: ps1

Password: [same as wifi]

Applications -> Extensions

Device: Generic CHAN SIP Device -> Submit

Create an extension number. Suggested: use three digits, start at 101. If you have a favorite number, use that.

Under "User Manager Settings" are the settings you will use to log into the User Control Panel (UCP).

If you enable voicemail and enter an email address, you can have voicemails emailed to you as an attachment.

Click "Submit."

You must click on the APPLY CHANGES button at the top do to so.

How to get a free US Phone Number

Go to IPKall. Give them an email address. You SIP URI is: [EXTENSTION]

For example:

It should work. Needs more testing.

How to use WebRTC

You need to be on-site or use the Vpn.

Log in to the User Control Panel using the username and password you created with your extension.

Click the phone icon in the upper right and select "New Web Phone Call"

Dial the extension. For the talking clock, dial *60