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Google groups is no longer being used. all functionality had been moved to discourse. old threads on google groups have been retained for archival purposes but it is locked for posting or editing. 2001.

Google Groups is a service from Google that provides discussion groups for people sharing common interests.

There are two versions or types of Pumping Station: One Google Groups. One is public; anyone can join or participate subject to admin activity, and the other, private, group which only members can have access to.

Google Groups for PS1 are sometimes referred to as "the mailing list" or just "the list" or "the email list" or "the messageboard" and could be referred to by other names as well. You can interact with the Google Groups mailing list by getting an email digest of the last 25 posts, or one email digest per day, or one alert per post (highly recommended to create a filter to put all the messages from PS1 in one folder/label) or just by interacting with it through a web interface. Your call. Don't ask to be removed from the list, because you can do that yourself with no assistance at all. Try not to ask to be added to the private group either, until you have tried and tried and failed to do it for yourself - because you can do that without any assistance at all: Google it or see the animated gif link below.

When you ask to join the private Google Group, please TELL US YOUR NAME. We can't always figure out who you are from your email address if it doesn't match your paypal or other email you use with PS1, and even if it does, it's good to know your name to verify your membership.

Yes, apparently you have to have a Google account of one kind or another to use Google Groups. That's between you and Google. We just try to verify that you're a member somehow; if you are, you can get into the private group.

Public list:!forum/pumping-station-one-public

Members Only, or 'private' Google Group:!forum/pumping-station-one

Here is an animated GIF that explains how to join the private Google Group:


Other misc. contact methods listed here just in case you came here for something besides learning about Google Groups at PS1:

Controlling the frequency of messages

You don't have to get ANY emails at all, and just check the activity on the web at, but if you would prefer a daily digest of posts to the group, sent as an email, you can have that.

provided you have a Google account; change it on (the right edge of)!myforums , or in your group membership settings for the individual group.

You can choose from these levels of message frequency:

  • Don't send email updates
  • Send daily summaries
  • Combined updates (25 messages per email)
  • Every new message