High Resolution 3D Printer Vote

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  • Andrew Camardella


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PS1's current 3D printer offerings are variation of the FDM/FFF format. All the machines are currently all open source and relatively well supported, except for the Cube Pro. This proposal allows for the sale of Cube Pro to offset the purchase of a DLP high resolution 3D printer. Expected resale value of the Cube Pro is $1500-$2000.

This proposal seeks funding for a laser or DLP 3D printer to accomplish the following:

  • obtain higher resolution printing capabilities
  • use different types of materials such as flexible, tough, and colored resins
  • enable printing for post-processes such as lost-wax casting and injection molding

Current options for the printer include:

  • mUVe 3D Pro+ - $2.2k - (current favorite)
  • Formlabs Form 2 - $3.5k
  • Full Spectrum Pegasus Touch - $5k
  • B9 Creator - $4.6k
  • LittleRP - $1300
  • Kudo 3D Titan 1 - $3k


Authorize the Board of Directors to spend up to $2,000 on a High Resolution 3D printer, materials and accessories. Authorize the CNC Area Host to sell the Cube Pro and accessories and return all funds to the CNC Area Budget or to use the funds towards the purchase of a high resolution printer. Authorization expires 6 months after the vote is accepted.