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This page is in flux. The Space Planning for Hosted Areas Committee will be updating it continually to share information with the membership. That means that everything in here is a rough draft!


Plan options, as of 2013-03-23.

Plans Notes

Hot Metals

  • Locating near the back door allows airflow for forging, foundry
  • Locating toward the front allows easier access to ventilation
  • Includes space for all sheet metal equipment and a potential CNC plasma cutter

Cold Metals

  • Includes the jewelry equipment, located in the ventilated section
  • All options require extensive three-phase work
  • Due to low dust and noise, location in Plan Option 1 and 2 permit the large, sliding fire doors between jewelry and Meeting/Lounge Area to stay open to through traffic.

Small Metals


Wood Shop

  • Locating near the loading dock allows easy loading/unloading access for large lumber
  • Keeping in the current location causes the general area to be also dusty
  • Keeping in the current location allows dust collection and ShopBot to potentially stay in place
  • Moving requires that the current space be cleaned
  • Would include member storage shelving
  • Includes space for ShopBot and desktop CNC routers


  • Clean Area
  • Would require ventilation and compressed air runs if small, quiet compressor is not sufficient

General Area

  • If powder coating is not a code concern, can go in ex-garage shed, past the boiler
  • Would include member storage

Arts & Crafts Area

  • CNC equipment would move from graphic arts and textiles; graphic arts and textiles would expand into the cleared area
  • Electronics would not change

Electronics Area

Additional Notes

  • Hookups for an additional shop sink exist immediately opposite of the large sliding door to the Meeting/Lounge Area (exterior of the short kitchen wall.) This allows for a potential, larger washup sink.

Code and Permit Concerns

  • High Hazard Occupancy (Class I)
    • Wood shop and hot metals classified as a high hazard due to dust, compressed air, flammable gases, et cetera
    • Any separations must be four hour walls (which, presumably, implies cement block construction)
  • Maria’s boss, Linda willing to help
  • Permits
    • We’ll need electrical permit, and interior built out permit
    • An Easy Permit might be available, allowing us to avoid paying for an architect
    • This requires a licensed contractor and electrician, because the space will be inspected
  • ADA
    • Knocking down a bathroom wall won’t be trivial, needs more research
    • Funds are available for 501(c)3s aiming at ADA compliance
    • Replacing the safe to make a bathroom might be appropriate
    • This can allow us to do it correctly, but will require plumbing permit
    • As soon as possible, we need to add messages to all event announcements regarding helping people get access
    • Linda stated that this is sufficient to meet ADA requirements in the interim
  • Hot metals must move due to ventilation, which implies walls in every plan
    • This is due to dust
  • Any wall penetrations (compressed air, ventilation) may need to be fire rated or comply with code regulations, needs more research
    • Maria will ask Linda about implications
  • Any announcement with the plans or the final vote will have to include a caveat about code implications that are yet to be discovered