Hot Metal Shop Plans for 2019

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These are the ideas and goals I'm looking forward to in 2019 for the Hot Metal Shop. Folks can add items and as items are done (or deferred or just outright abandoned) they should be struck out with a date so everyone knows what the status is.

Shop Improvement

All the things that make a nice environment to work in

Absolutely Doable

  • New table to replace the sad one holding up the powder coating oven as valiantly as it can - Replaced with new powder coating oven
  • Revitalize the sand blasting cabinet (<s>new dust collection system (thanks to Michael Skilton!) and gloves)</s> - Replaced with Big_Blasting_Cabinet
  • LED lighting by the racks (already have the light strip, just gotta put it together)
  • Concerto-based screen for HMS-specific stuff (need RPi and screen) mounted on wall - Done as of 3/3/2019
  • Fusion360 post processor for CNC plasma machine
  • More Canvas courses (Intro to welding (mig and tig), CNC Plasma)

Worth the Ol' College Try

  • Getting the Emerson bandsaw to cut straight - Thanks to Michael Skilton for taking care of this!
  • THC working on the CNC plasma - Thanks to Michael Skilton for taking care of this!
  • Rearrange the tool cart

Stretch Goals

  • More contributed art on the walls
  • WPA-inspired safety signage A more modernist version was contributed by Mark; I have some WPA images on the HMS screen ;)
  • Proper ventilation
  • Keeping the shop clean

Spending Money

Here we keep track of the things we might look into buying. Likely everything in this section is a vote.

Possible Purchases

Ideas From Innocent Bystanders

You have ideas and you don't have to deal with the consequences. List them here!

  • Quench/heat treat oil container for the forge
  • Ron puts his name on this so we know who is doing this fine work!