Hot Metals Post Spawl Upgrades Vote

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  • Tom Judge


  • Mailing List Announcement: 7/29/2016
  • Officially Proposed:
  • To be Voted on:


After the move hot metals will need some more equipment to make the area safe and useable. The idea is to make it possible to arrange 2 separate work stations for people to use. In order to do this we will need some new welding and assembly tables, screens, cords and air hoses.

  • 2 Certiflat fb-3642 36"x42" welding tops $699.99 each
  • Legs and casters: $300
  • Top shipping $370
  • 2 Air hose reels $150 each
  • 2 20A extension cord reels $350 each
  • 2 30' 8/3 extension cords $100 each
  • 3 6'x6' welding screens $150 each
  • Curtain and rail for the CNC plasma cutter
  • New sand pit materials (wood, plastic)
  • Dust collection system for grinders:
    • Jet JDC-501 $2000
  • Second rolling tool cart - $120
  • Plate clam for lifting materials onto the plasma cutter $200

Total: $3718 Including safety buffer and taxes: $4500


Authorize the Board of Directors to spend up to $4500 on items to build out the new hot metals area. Authorization expires 6 months after the vote is accepted.