Howto Create a RT Queue

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RT SuperUser

Get RT Superuser Access. The easiest way to do this is to add your domain user to the rtadmins group, and then relog in RT.

Create the Queue

  • Go to Admin >> Queues >> Create
  • Enter a name for your Queue.
  • Save Changes

Setting Permissions

  • Go to Admin >> Queues >> Select >> "Your Queue" >> Group Rights >> Privileged

You are now editing permissions for "Privileged" (logged in) users.

  • Select all rights under general rights
  • Select all rights, except Delete tickets, under "Rights for Staff"


  • Set the outgoing address for the queue in the Queue Settings.

For incomging EMail:

  • Shell into
  • edit /etc/postfix/aliases
    • this will create the rule for
    • the main mail server, bob, routes * to
  • sudo newaliases
  • sudo systemctl postfix reload

Top level email

  • To route an email address, log into for the domain
    • Add an alias to go to, usually this is done by adding yet another alias to the info@ account.