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This page is intended to be a one stop shop for all IT systems in the space.

For questions, please pop on by the Slack #systemsgroup. For urgent inquiries, you may contact the CTO at cto [at]

Software Licenses are covered here.

IT systems


Our internet provider is Comcast. We currently have a 75Mbps/50Mbps package with an LTE failover link, 5 static IPs, and 1 line of voice service.

Our static IP block is -

    • (Primary space IP)
    • (Allocated to member James Lamken)
    • (Unallocated)
    • (Unallocated)
    • (Unallocated)
  • Gateway:
  • Subnet Mask:

Internal Static IPs

Subnet Type IP Status Name Notes
10.10.x.x VM Active Active Directory
10.10.x.x VM Active Active Directory
10.10.x.x VM Active ESXi/vSphere Platform Services Controller
10.10.x.x VM Active Fileserver VM
10.10.x.x VM Active PW Self Service VM
10.100.x.x Networking Active PS1-USG Unifi Security Gateway 4 Pro
10.100.x.x Networking Active PS1-SW-CENTRAL Unifi 48 port Switch
10.100.x.x Networking Active PS1-SW-CORE Unifi 24 port Switch
10.100.x.x Networking Active PS1-SW-POE4 Unifi 8 port (4+PoE) Switch
10.100.x.x Networking Active PS1-SW-POE8 Unifi 8 port PoE Switch
10.100.x.x VM Active PS1-CLOUDKEY UniFi CloudKey Gen2+ Controller
10.100.x.x AP Active PS1-AP-GENERAL General Area AP
10.100.x.x AP Active PS1-AP-CNC CNC AP
10.100.x.x AP Active PS1-AP-UPSTAIRS Upstairs AP
10.100.x.x AP Active PS1-AP-WOODSHOP Woodshop AP
10.100.x.x VM Decommissioning Mail VM (for ps1auth)
10.100.x.x VM Decommissioning Request Tracker VM
10.100.x.x VM Active Wiki VM (MediaWiki)
10.100.x.x VM Decommissioning ps1auth VM (Old member database)
10.100.x.x VM Decommissioning Old Samba DC Controller (AD)
10.100.x.x Hypervisor Active R720xd ESXi Host
10.100.x.x VM Decommissioning Nested hypervisor, hosting RT

Infrastructure As Code

VSphere and VM/Server Configurations.

TerraForm/Ansible Scripts and Docs

Active PS1 Domains/Sub

  • *
    • (Main)
    • (Wiki)
    • (discussion Board)
    • (Help Desk)
    • (Training)

PS1 DNS.png

Network Equipment

Ubiquiti Systems

Physical Servers

Dell PowerEdge 1950 (Count 2)

VM Environment

PS1 VM Env.png

Cloud Environment

PS1 Cloud Env.png

Network Layout

File:PS1 Net.png