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This page is intended to be a one stop shop for all IT systems in the space.

For questions, please pop on by the Slack #systemsgroup. For urgent inquiries, you may contact the CTO at cto [at]

Software Licenses are covered here.

IT systems


Our internet provider is Comcast. We currently have a 150Mbps/75Mbps package with an LTE failover link, 5 static IPs, and 1 line of voice service.

Our static IP block is -

    • (Primary space IP)
    • (Unallocated)
    • (Unallocated)
    • (Unallocated)
    • (Unallocated)
  • Gateway:

Internal Static IPs

Infrastructure As Code

VSphere and VM/Server Configurations.

TerraForm/Ansible Scripts and Docs

Active PS1 Domains/Sub

  • *
    • (Main)
    • (Wiki)
    • (discussion Board)
    • (Help Desk)
    • (Training)

PS1 DNS.png

Network Equipment

Ubiquiti Systems

Physical Servers

Dell PowerEdge 1950 (Count 2)

VM Environment

PS1 VM Env.png

Cloud Environment

PS1 Cloud Env.png

Network Layout

File:PS1 Net.png