Induction Heater Atlas Tocco

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Induction Heater Atlas Tocco
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Owner/Loaner "PS:One"
Make/Model Toccotron AC 5kw
Arrival Date May 2018
Usability "Yes"
Contact Small Metals area host
Where Small or Hot Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable "no"
Estimated Value ?
Host Area Small Metals

Induction Heater Atlas Tocco "PS:One" Area: Small Metals


  • May be found in Small or Hot Metals
  • Ready for authorizations


A. General Work Area Safety

• Keep your work area clean and well illuminated.

• Keep bystanders, children, visitors and animals at least 3 feet away.

• Work outdoors only if there is no danger of rain, water or moisture.

• Keep the work area well ventilated and dry.

• Keep a fully charged fire extinguisher at hand at all times.

• There is a risk of molten metal spills. An adequate containment area must be in place.

B. Personal Safety

• The operator and bystanders must wear safety glasses.

• Wear heat-resistant gloves when using, the metal heats very quickly.

• Do not operate and stay at least three feet away from an operating induction heater, if you have a cardiac pacemaker or any other kind of electronic or metal surgical implant.

• Do not allow any metallic items such as jewelry, rings, watches, phones, chains, identification tags, religious medals, belt buckles, body piercing hardware, or other metallic objects in or on your body or clothing to come in proximity to the coil. These metallic objects can heat very quickly and cause serious burns or even ignite clothing.

• This tool is intended for heating clean uncoated metal. Heating anything else may cause fumes. Fumes and smoke from hot/burning contaminants may be toxic. If fumes are present you must provide adequate ventilation and wear a dual filter (dust and fume) respirator mask which has been approved by (OSHA), (NIOSH), DISPOSABLE PAPER MASKS ARE NOT ADEQUATE.

C. Electrical Safety

• Do not use the in the rain, moisture or immerse in water. Water or other liquids may cause an electrical shock hazard.

• Turn off or disconnect the power supply cord from the outlet before changing coils or making any adjustments.

• Unplug when not in use.

D. Fire Hazard Safety

Do not heat sealed containers. The heat generated by the can cause these containers to explode.

• Do not heat parts containing flammable materials.

E. Tool Use Safety

• Do not leave unattended when it is ON.

Do not operate without the cooler running.

• Make sure that the Power Unit has a sufficient supply of air for cooling. Make sure that the vents of the Power Unit are clean and free of dust and debris.

• Keep objects being heated from coming in contact with the coil.


Power supply Toccotron AC 5kw

Controller: Toccotron PC

Induction heating transformer:

Coil connector: LC Miller Coilmate
   “O” Rings #6?

Cooler: Coolmate 3


Documentation about getting it ready for service.

This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Name of member Who qualified them
Michael Skilton Danger committee
Jacob Dawson Michael Skilton
Ron Olson Michael Skilton