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I would like for this to be a month-long minisession of sorts, with enough background information to get people unfamiliar with the command line to start thinking about the way computer programs fit together to form bigger, more useful programs. So far, we'd like to teach this class in four parts:

Most Important UNIX Commands

Based of this site: I personally think we could fit a few more in there, but I'll leave this up to whoever is teaching. Eric volunteered to teach this class.

More UNIX Commands

This class should teach people how to put UNIX commands together. We should introduce commands like find, grep, xargs, pipes, and IO redirects ( <,>,>> ) here.

Regular Expressions

This class should teach people how to use programs such as awk, sed, and maybe ack to find and manipulate data. User:pcmantz Is interested in teaching this section.

Bash Scripting

This class should introduce some of the basic logic structures necessary to put together the previous skills to overcome basic tasks in systems administration. Maybe a project would be a good idea, like emailing the sysadmin when a certain user logs on? Suggestions welcome.

Potential Times

[User:Pcmantz] wanted to start this Mid-August, but everyone was out of town, so we should try rebooting this in mid-September. We should poll the user list again to find out what day is good for those wishing to attend.