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Needs an equipment label.

Needs some information! Needs a photo. Needs some categories added.


NOT FUNCTIONAL. Needs some TLC to fix the bed leveling feature. The sensor came loose.

How to do this:


Grinding noise, nozzle digging into bed, air printing? Is the Z height sensor not where it should be? Is it loose?


Has been made available without authorization required, at least that's the impression given and the de facto condition. Might be cleared up by the addition of an equipment label by anyone who knows.


Excellent self-leveling 1.75 mm 3D printer. Uses only SD cards for input, at the moment. There are very good profiles available for this printer in Cura, the default Jellybox profile works quite well.

Usage notes

Sensitive to hygroscopic filament (water absorption), like all printers, but notably. Keep the filament dry, store it carefully. Works well with PLA filament. Works well with blue tape on the build plate.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

How to unclog the hot end (extruder/nozzle):

Refer to our 3D Print Troubleshooting page.