Jointer Grizzly 8 inch

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Jointer Grizzly 8 inch
Owner/Loaner PS1
Serial Number NA
Make/Model Grizzly G0495X
Arrival Date DEc 2019
Usability yes
Contact Wood Shop Area Host
Where Wood Shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $525.00
Host Area Wood Shop

Jointer Grizzly 8 inch PS1 Area: Wood Shop


The danger committee has approved opening the tool for use on Jan 16, 2020. all previously authorized users will be grandfathered

This tool requires authorization for use.

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @
Ron Olson — approved authorizer tachoknight @
Jason Shanfield — approved authorizer pumpingstationjason @
Ken Burkhardt-volunteer authorizer
Andy Larkin
Ken Burkhardt
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon


  1. Always check your wood for nails or staples. If you're not sure, check the entire piece with the metal detector or a magnet.
  2. Remove the smallest amount of material possible and feed it at an appropriate speed. More passes are better than fewer. If you don't know how to properly adjust the infeed table, ask for help.
  3. Always use the vacuum while running the jointer. Otherwise, it will clog with chips.
  4. If you break something, or damage the tool, contact the area host immediately. Don't let others do more damage to the machine, ruin their work, or hurt themselves by using a broken tool.
  5. Always vacuum the machine, cutting area, and the table around the machine when you are done.