Keg 1

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Keg 1
Owner/Loaner Ryan Pierce
Serial Number Unknown
Make/Model Cornelius Keg, Missing Foot
Arrival Date September, 2012
Usability yes
Contact Ryan Pierce
Where Beer Church
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $80
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Keg 1 Ryan Pierce Area: {{{hostarea}}}


  • gas inlet doesn't like to close. It'll be hard to leave this keg pressurized.
  • no foot, has to sit in a foam stand
  • the pickup outlet tube has been sawn off (great if you have a big yeast cake) but doesn't draw all the beer if there's no yeast cake. surprise beer at cleanup time!


Date Person(s) Action Contents
2/10/2013 Eric Stein & Esther Clean & Sterilize - PBW soak, iodine soak, removal and soaking of fittings N/A
2/10/2013 Eric Stein & Esther Kegged w/priming sugar, placed in fermenting chamber Beer 2013.01
2/16/2013 Eric Stein Moved to serving fridge Beer 2013.01
3/3/2013 Eric Stein Put on Tap 1. Beer 2013.01
3/6/2013 Eric Stein Bottled the last of it. Off tap. smelly air
3/25/2013 Eric Stein Started clean, Pbw water pbw water
~3/31/2013 Tucker Tomlinson put sake in it? sake
7/24/2013 Tucker Tomlinson bottled all of it, cleaned up soaking pbw
9/24/2013 Brittany Zimmerman sanitized, put Beer 2013.08 in it Beer 2013.08