Keg 6

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Keg 6
Owner/Loaner Tucker Tomlinson
Serial Number Unknown
Make/Model Cornelius Keg, Black Top
Arrival Date March, 2013
Usability yes
Contact Tucker Tomlinson
Where Beer Church
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $80
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Keg 6 Tucker Tomlinson Area: {{{hostarea}}}


Date Person(s) Action Contents
3/17/2013 Tucker cleaning PBW
9/2/2014 Justin cleaning water rinse, didn't manage to continue on as the corny socket was missing. Empty.
10/12/2014 Justin cleaning PBW
10/14/2014 Justin & Eric Cleaned out fittings, starsanned, kegged Beer 2014.02. Put in pressure & put in fridge in lounge. Beer 2014.02
12/10/2014 Justin Put Beer 2014.02 on tap 2. Beer 2014.02
11/01/2016 Ron Put Beer 2016.04 into keg. (was cleaned recently from this date) Beer 2016.04