Laser Engraver Certification

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Justin has changed things so authorizing users are able to authorize people through a web interface at

PC Account

Have the member sign up with

Under the Certifiers account:'

Active Directory Users and Computer

  • Start >> run >> "dsa.msc" >> OK


Group Properties

  • Under >> Laser Engraver >> Right click on Laser Engraver Certified

Laser Engraver Certified properties.png

Group Membership

  • click Members tab >> Add

Add Users to Group.png

  • Enter the user name of the person you are training and click *check names*

Log Out

  • After clicking ok a couple times, you can log out and have the trainee log in.

Add from Command Line

You must be a domain admin to do this.

Have the member sign up with

SSH into

Run this:

   sudo samba-tool group addmembers "Laser Engraver Certified" username