Lassy Tapper Hand Tapping Machine

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Model 12-F Manuf: Plainville, Conn., USA

Lassy Tapper Hand Tapping Machine
Lassy Tapper2.JPG
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number ?
Make/Model 12-F
Arrival Date Fall, 2015
Usability yes
Contact Dean Anderson
Where Cold Metals, on a bench
Authorization Needed No
Hackable no
Estimated Value $500
Host Area Cold Metals

Lassy Tapper Hand Tapping Machine Area: Cold Metals


  • This is basically a big, solid tap wrench held rigidly perpendicular to the bed. The taps are held by a set screw in "adapters" which are in turn snapped into "masters" that fit into the bottom of the column. Tap the hole by aligning the tap with the hole and turning the handwheel. Allow the tap to pull the column down, as you would with an ordinary tap wrench. Observe the same procedure as with a standard tap wrench, drilling the proper size hole for the tap, reversing the tap periodically to clear the chips, and so on.

A chart that gives the proper drill size for a given thread is hanging on the wall in Cold Metals.

The column height above the bed can be adjusted by loosening the set screw in the knurled collar on the column with a 9/32" hex wrench and sliding the column up to the desired height while holding the collar in place. Tighten the set screw when the desired height is achieved.


  • There is a 'fence' along the table that can stabilize long pieces, but you are better off grabbing one of the drill press vises for small parts.
  • Clean any gunk off the adapters and the masters before assembly. The tolerances are necessarily tight, and a little grit can hang them up. A little oil and a paper towel seems to work well.


  • Taps can shatter- Wear eye protection