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Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date N/A
Usability yes
Contact Skittles
Where PS1
Authorization Needed no
Hackable N/A
Estimated Value N/A
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The Collection

Library Wishlist

Library Red Dots

How to check out a book

  1. Remove card from back of the book.
  2. In the Due Date field, enter the date in MM/DD/YY format. The due date is today's date plus 1 to the month. (For example, if today is 04/19/14, the due date will be 05/19/14.)
  3. Write name and email address on the line next to the date. Use next line if not enough room.
  4. Put the card in the card holder attached to the side of the shelves.
  5. Remember to bring the book back.

How to return a book

  1. Take the correct card out of the box
  2. Cross out the name and date, and write the current day's date over the crossed out info
  3. Put the card back in the back of the book
  4. Put the book back on the shelves in the correct order or in the green basket in the lounge.


Books in our collection should be:

  • Technical – The books must be nonfiction and provide in-depth information on a particular subject
    • Good: Transformers and Motors
    • Bad: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • Useful – The books must pertain to something people in the space are doing or are interested in.
    • Good: Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters
    • Bad: German to French dictionary
  • Current – The books must provide information that is still at least mostly true.
  • In Good Condition



Please don't bring books to the space unless they are on our Library Wishlist or they are a more recent edition of a book already on our shelves. If you have a book that you think may be useful that does not fall into these categories, please post on the mailing list.

Put the book in the green basket by the shelves for the librarian to add. If the basket is not there, set them next to the shelves.

(It's not that we don't want awesome books: we just want to avoid being buried in them!)

More Info

Librarian Info