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  • hef


  • Announced: 2014-03-18
  • Vote date: 2014-03-25
  • Vote passed with 34 votes yes, 1 vote present, 0 votes no.
  • Supplies ordered 2014-03-29


Skittles wants library supplies.

item price
Top Notch Library Cards, White $13.99
Top Notch Pockets, Manila $27.99
Elmer's® Rubber Cement, Acid-Free $2.49
Avery® Removable Color Coded Dot Labels $4.79

Note: The lower prices were for buying 12+ of each. I will probably only need one of each except for the glue (which will be 2 bottles).


Authorize Skittles or the board to purchase library supplies spending up to $100.


File:Order Recap Library Suppliesl.pdf $84.31

File:Library Supplies Receipt.pdf $38.72


Yea: 34 Nay: 0 Present: 1 Quorum: 33