Lounge Repair Upgrade

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Lounge Repair Upgrade

James Lamken


  • Ron Olson
  • Carl Karsten
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Vote Results

 Yea Votes: [35]  
 Nay Votes: [12]
 Present or Abstain: [11] 

Definition of "Language"

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Proposal Date

Date this proposal was posted to the membership and a request for a vote date was sent to the Board.


Member Input

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Day of the Vote

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Why write this vote?

The projector screen in the lounge is having problems. The screen often gets stuck up or down, sometimes halfway, refusing to move. Striations appeared across the screen. To maintain functionality, the screen was disassembled and left in an unfriendly state.

The audio from the projector is low quality and quiet.

What is the intent?

I would like to replace the screen and add better audio to the system. The last time we updated the media systems at PS:1 was the “Vote to Upgrade AV Equipment” in 2019, which gave us the projector setup we still use today in both the Lounge and Electronics. The main issue the previous vote did not address is the lack of clear audio due to the low-quality built-in speaker.

Most know the lounge projector is helpful for our regular and director meetings. Additionally, group meetups have also used lounge AV equipment. Most notably, Hackaraoke and instrument practice use the projector with audio. As we continue to do events and attempt to bring in new members, it has become more evident the space could benefit from a system dedicated to better media consumption in the lounge.

Common questions.

Is this needed?

It is not. The screen is junk and irritating but functional enough. The speaker in the projector is audible but could be of better quality. This vote is for a luxury that will increase the value and functionality of our usable meeting space.

How will the equipment be installed?

I (James) will be installing the equipment.

When will the equipment be installed?

I (James) am committed to having all equipment fully installed within 30 days of it's arrival date.

Why is the vote not open to discussion?

You are welcome to discuss the vote, but I am unwilling to alter the current plan. I have worked with the company the components will be purchased from, and I have installed these brands many times. I am volunteering to complete the installation myself for free, and I have chosen components that I am confident in and will have no problems installing. If the membership decided to go in a different direction, they would need to run a separate vote with alternate terms.

Just a note here about my withdrawal of my (gary newhouse) co-sponsorship. After consideration and in light of the other votes pending, I think this ill advised. We should simply ask the General Operations Team to repair or replace the screen as part of its responsibility for this general area. The sound system could be enhanced by much less expensive or even free methods. In my previous life i outfitted over 60 classrooms and multiple board conference rooms with systems much more complicated than this (and several smaller rooms like this). I'm not volunteering to do this alone, just citing my background from which I shoot off my mouth. Plus the dates in the vote make no logical sense. gn

Main components included in the vote.

  • DA-LITE 94270L Cosmopolitan Series 110" Electric Projection Screen
  • Russound 5B55MK2-B Acclaim 5.25" Speaker Pair
  • Russound MBX-AMP Amplifier with controller.

Language of the Vote

We authorize the board of directors or a representative of the board to spend up to $2500 on the purchase of equipment and supplies to upgrade PS:1 AV infrastructure.