MV.16 (Chief of Public Relations)

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Chief of Public Relations

The Chief of Public Relations shall serve as the liaison between Pumping Station: One and the general public. He or she is responsible for responding to all media inquiries about Pumping Station: One. The Chief of Public Relations shall be responsible for the content of all official Pumping Station: One press releases, although he or she is free to either write them himself or herself, or delegate the task and then review and revise it before it is circulated outside the organization. He or she shall also be responsible for assuring that Pumping Station: One events are appropriately publicized, although he or she is free to delegate event publicity tasks to other members of the organization.

  • Furthermore, the description of the President's job function shall be

edited as follows:


The President shall preside over all meetings of the membership. He or she also serves as a representative of Pumping Station: One to the public, and in all functions where a President may be called for by law or any other outside requirements. The president is responsible for making sure that the corporation files its annual report, Illinois charitable organization statements, and any other papers required to maintain legal nonprofit status by the law of Illinois or Federal law.