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This was proposed to empower Tim Saylor, the then-current president, to take whatever action was necessary to get Pumping Station: One back in operation after our move. The vote took place on 7/10/2012. It passed.

Language below:

With the intention of allowing Pumping Station: One to rebuild its capabilities and functionality in a timely manner, for the next 90 days, grant the following powers to the President:

  • $8,000 budget which may be spent without prior authorization by membership or board of directors
  • ability to form limited-duration (not beyond the end of the 90 days of this proposal) committees (each committee not less than three people) with powers to execute tasks and spend money from the president's special budget


  • the budget is to be used for one time capital spending towards construction of the new facility and improvements to the organization, not for ongoing costs or bills
  • president will ensure that records of spending is maintained, per usual organization rules
  • president will report immediately to the board of directors mailing list and weekly to members how that money was spent using actual spending numbers
  • this special budget may be revoked by a vote of the board of directors or full members
  • any two directors can block the exercise of these powers
  • If an expense is more than $500, give the board 6 hours notice on the board of directors mailing list
  • this proposal can't be renewed