Mead 2012.01

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  • Style: Dry Mead with Raspberry and Hops
  • Codename: I didn't mead it that way
  • Brewmaster: Eric Stein
  • Type: Boiled honey, with light hopping
  • Initial Gravity: 1.050
  • Initial pH: 4.3
  • Racked Gravity: 1.???
  • Final Gravity: 1.???
  • ABV: ?% - projected 5.8% if 5gal, but yield was 4.6gal
  • Brewed: 11/11/2012
  • Bottled: 12/18/2012
  • First served: 12/21/2012
  • Last served:
  • How much the brewmaster made this recipe up the night before the brew: 100%


I Didn't Mead it That Way ABV: ~6.8% Brewmaster: Eric Stein Team: Ryan Pierce, Tucker Tomlinson A session mead, boiled with hops and crushed fresh raspberries. Notes of peach & beer, with a bit of a beery, winey undertone.


Based on a recipe from Jason Betts. Heavily modified.

  • boil 4.5 gal water.
  • Add 6.5 lbs of honey (Clover type). This assumes 1.36 grav honey.
  • Boiled 6 oz crushed raspberries for 13 minutes.
  • Add honey and hops. Boil another 7 minutes.
  • Chill with wort chiller to 70F.

Top up to 5gal with distilled water.

Pitched with Montrechet yeast. It should be able to go fully dry.

Expected starting gravity: 1.043 Expected final ABV: 5.8%


  • Primary ferment: Plastic tub
  • Temperature set point: 60F


  • Add another pound of honey
  • Pasteurized to 138F
  • Transferred to sterilized growlers. Not carbonated.

Tasting Notes

Tastes middling between beer, wine, and mead. It's got a vague cidery flavor. A little sweet. Most people very much enjoy it. The hops stand out more than the Raspberry does.