Meeting Notes 2008-12-02

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Interim President Eric Michaud
  • Interim Vice President Zane C.B.
  • Interim Treasurer Matt Jakubowski
  • Secretary Pro Tempore Nathan Witt
  • Shadow Government Prime Chancellor Paul Mantz
  • +4 Charter/Interested Members


7:50PM - Come to Order

  • Non Profit Paperwork
    • File for 501(c)(3) status
      • After getting 501(c)(3) we can work with the city on support & resources
    • Need to have listed address for paperwork
    • Must have named board members (Not necessarily governing structure) including President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer

  • Contact other local organized hacker groups and build a relationship
    • UIC may have space available for occasional hacker camps - J.R.
    • Dorkbot
    • Freegeek


  • Questions
    • Priorities of organization
      • First we must get Non Profit status, then secure a space
    • Discussed how HacDC got a 1337 Grant from UAT
    • Donations accepted from PayPal
    • Additional Sources of Funding - Organized rent/part parties
    • Ideal Space Requirements - ~$1300/mo. and ~1000 sq. feet
    • Tiered Space Versioning (1.0, 2.0, etc.)
      • Should form a graduated wish list for the space with cost put in consideration


  • Version Numbering System
    • Should form a standardized growth plan - Paul Mantz

  • Membership Pricing
    • Ideally, shooting for $50 a month
    • Student discounts available in special circumstances with board approval
    • Membership fees are not tax deductible due to their included benefit, HOWEVER, any additional contributions will be
    • Projects that a large group are interested can be voted on to be funded by the space


  • Game Design Tangent

  • Space Sessions: Open for interested parties & Closed for members only
  • Start a regular guest speaker series
    • Soldering
    • Arduinos
    • Programming
    • Proposed intro classes before using heavy machinery.

  • Insurance Coverage


  • Jim submits logo draft
    • To be digitized and added to the mailing list

  • New business/Old business??

    • Wish List for equipment, programs, etc. - EVERYONE
    • Research Dorkbot - J.R.
    • Space Search - Nick & Anyone else who can find something
      • Needs to be close to 24 hr. public transportation
    • Website conception

8:45PM - Meeting Adjourned

  • Secretary Pro Tempore goes on smoke break
  • Casual & Off the Record conversation continues