Meeting Notes 2009-02-03

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Meeting Minutes
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Paul taking notes

review of last week's activity

- new officers
- pursuing Logan Square space
- several people visited the old space

Eric's gay hand

- sascha - describes the new space - lots of space (5000 sq. ft. +3000?) - cannibalizing FreeGeek
- sascha & eric & josh discussed floor plans
- niki took pictures, posted link
- power everywhere, coding lounge, machine shop
- ok with HVAC, safety, knocking down two walls
- Sascha's changes need to be approved, then proposed to landlord
- 2 years' lease may be required


V. Pres.



- Chase checkout system, setting up recurring payments is an issue
- 24 Members

Director Eli

- Discount at ASS(!) corporate account

Director Sascha

New Business

- Rube Goldberg competition at Navy Pier
- Notacon
- CCCKC trip opening 1st week of march
- 2600 Meeting Friday
- Saturday meeting of RepRap folk
- Need list of various stuff for insurance requirements, zoning
- We are in Zone B3-5
- lots of crap about torches