Meeting Notes 2009-02-24

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Sacha
  • Paul
  • Nathan
  • Zane
  • Josh
  • Eli
  • Jim
  • Jasna
  • Eric H
  • Ishmael
  • Jaku
  • Eric M
  • George
  • Angel
  • Mike M.
  • Chris
  • Donna
  • Andrew
  • nicolle
  • Ryan
  • + Many more. Please add your names if you like, I couldn't get everyone!

Virtual Attendance via IRC/webcam

  • Tom (korpios)
  • Alex (slifox)

Come to Order - 8:10

Membership Count - Ishmael

  • 31 Official
    • Working on fixing membership payment link
    • Proposal of 1yr membership discount for $500 to be voted on next week.
    • Proposal for PS1 to eat the cost of Credit Card fees as opposed to charging additionally.
    • Ishmael will put wiki page of proposals together.

Elston location

  • Ryan briefs us on specs of the space.
  • Owner is interested in forming a tech corridor in the area.
  • Utilities included in price of rent (~1500)
  • Communal space also available for no additional.
  • We will be viewing the space again tomorrow at 5:00/6:00 for anyone who didn't see it


  • Sacha on proposes amendment "Be Excellent to Each Other"
    • 4 things you cannot do
      • Jeopardize your ownSaftey
      • Jeopardize Safety of others
      • Damaging equipment/theft
      • Using PS:1 to perform illegal acts
      • Will vote on next week

Show & Tell

  • We made our first shirt
  • Anybody wanting one, get a shirt and see Nathan.
    • Eric not keen on using organization funds to give members shirts.
    • OR Use shirts for fundraising drive: $15/shirt

Discussion of political agendas and licensing practices

  • Brought up by Dan & Zane
    • As a non-profit which we plan to apply for, we can not officially hold political positions
    • Political/Software/Licensing Support will remain at the member level. Space will not take specific positions.
      • Don't want to discourage any user from using any form of legal software.

Meeting Adjourned - 8:50